My Story

Aloha, my name is Chris Anderson. I have lived on Maui for 15 years. For several years, I lived on Waine'e Street, Lahaina Town and the last 3 years have been spent in Wahikule, next to the Mormon Church. We lost our home in the fire on 8/08/23. While it has been devastating to deal with the displacement of our lives, nothing compares to losing Lahaina Printsellers.

I have worked for this company for over 10 years. As Production Manager, Gallery Director and Head of Operations, I had dedicated the majority of my adult life to this business with the hopes of running it someday. We represented local artists and had over 2000 antique maps; while being one of the oldest galleries in Hawaii.

Unfortunately, we lost both galleries. I plan on rebuilding from the ground up, and while details are worked around for the artists, I wanted to get started on raising money for this colossal project.